TRT Replacement: Is it Right for You?

Many with low testosterone levels and had undergone  TRT replacement therapy are making an assertion that they experienced their energy coming back more intense than ever following the treatment. As for their mood, it was surprisingly always pleasant all the time and their libido became as intense as it was before. If you are currently experiencing low testosterone level in your body, the initial reaction of many is why not replace it.

Not so fast. Low testosterone is a condition that does not require any kind of treatment. This is therapy treatment can be beneficial but we can’t get away from the fact that they can bring about a couple of side effects, too. With regard to the benefits and the possible risks that are involved in a TRT treatment, they have not been known yet. We don’t encourage anyone to take TRT prescriptions on their own, only men who were diagnosed by a licensed physician are advised to undergo this treatment.

TRT Replacement: Is it Right for You?
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If you want to confirm that you are a running candidate for this kind of hormone therapy, there is only one surefire way you can know — seek out professional medical help. Blood testing will help your physician carry out the necessary steps to measuring your testosterone. Besides that, there is no other way you can know.

Subtle Symptoms of Low Testosterone Level

There are occasions that symptoms following a drop in testosterone levels are sometimes very obvious to see, but sometimes also they are very subtle. As men advances in their age, their testosterone level will decline gradually, and the symptoms that this come can be observed. Some of these symptoms would include any or all of the following:

  • Decreased interest in sex ( low libido)
  • Erectile dysfunction or inability to have and sustain one.
  • Poor energy level
  • Easily fatigued
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • A gradual loss of body and facial hair
  • Inability to focus the mind
  • Depression
  • Irascibility
  • Low sense of self-worth

TRT Replacement Treatment Options

A therapy program for testosterone replacement normally comes in many forms. Regardless of how you want to do this treatment, the end-goal would always be one and the same, and that is for your body to have a higher concentration of testosterone.

Implants and Injections

You can be injected with testosterone and they are administered directly into your muscles. As for the implant option, this can be carried out by implanting pellet-containing testosterone into the soft tissues of your body. Consequently, your body gradually absorbs them into your bloodstream.   

Mouth Patch

This comes in the form of a table that lodges itself to your upper gums, right above the incisor.  You can apply them twice a day and will continuously release testosterone into your blood by virtue of oral tissues.

Testosterone Gels

Testosterone TRT replacement gels can be applied on the skin surface once a day and can be absorbed directly through it. Another option is the Natesto gel, you can apply this right inside your nose.  

Expert minds in the medical field have expressed fears that orally administered testosterone supplements might have an adverse impact on the liver. They seem to be favoring other methods like gels and skin patches instead. Hence, bypassing the liver so much so that testosterone gets into your bloodstream directly.  

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