The Proper Way to Clean Glass Pendant Lights

Aside from being attractive decorations and changing the ambiance of the home, lights provide illumination to an area making it more functional. The best thing about them is that they come in various shapes and sizes, offering us options for decorative applications. One of the most popular types is glass pendant lights. These fixtures are attached to the ceiling using a chain or steel cable. They may also have hand-painted shades or are decorated.

Such lighting fixtures are so attractive and functional at the same time, but just like with your other things at home, they too, need to be maintained. The dirt on your glass pendant light can decrease its brightness and even reduce its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, you need to clean them before they become too grimy. Below are some steps you can follow to properly clean your lighting fixture.

Take Precautions

Before you do any work with your glass pendant lights, you have to ensure that you have turned off your power supply or else you will be electrocuted. Also, if you are living with other people, ask them not to turn the power on. When using a ladder, place it on an even surface so it becomes easier for you to reach your lighting fixtures. Do not forget to wear a pair of gloves when cleaning the fixtures to avoid any allergic reaction from your cleaning products.


Dismantle your Lighting Fixture

Various companies assemble lights in different ways. This means that to dismantle them will also differ. However, the most common process would follow the following steps:

  •         Remove the bulb before working on shade removal
  •         To take the shade, use a screwdriver or you can unclip the holders that hold the shade

Clean your Pendant Lighting

This step will greatly depend on how dirty the shade is. Generally, you can mix water and liquid soap for cleaning. Make sure that soak the shade in the mixture for at least 10 minutes then remove it. If your shade is hand-painted, avoid using abrasive cloths for drying or cleaning. You should never use a dishwasher as it can be very strong for the shade and may break it.

After 10 minutes of soaking, remove the shade and buff it with a clean cloth. You may also use a glass cleaner to do this. If your fixture is grimy, use a grease remover as the mixture of soap and water may not work well in removing the thick grease. You can also use a wet cloth to clean the bulb that you have removed. Wipe it clean to increase its brightness.


Reassemble your Pieces

After you have dried the bulb and shade, install them again. Check if your ladder is well-placed and the power source is off. When you are done installing them, step away from your fixture and turn it on. If it fails to turn on, check if it is properly fitted in the socket.

Cleaning your lighting fixture properly is the key to make sure that it lasts for a long time while providing illumination and adding beauty to the area.